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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Marley Merry

That's her full name. Mason picked Marley since he's familiar with the recent book and movie and Merry, well, that should be obvious.

She's 100% purebred Labrador Retriever, Chocolate. Here we're taking her to PetCo for some necessities.

She rode on my lap to the store.

This Santa hat is too cute, I just had to try it on her.

Her new collar - pink, of course!

Madison thinks that she is unable to walk and basically has been carrying her everywhere she possibly can; including almost the entire time we were in PetCo. I think she thinks it's a baby and we all know how Madison feels about babies!
Trying on a Santa hat

1 comment:

JPell said...

Oh my she is so cute!! The girls thought so too, enjoy her! I'm sure you will have her trained in no time Trish, you are so great at that!! :)

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