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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Highlights

We stayed up kind of late (anything past 9:30 is late for us) last night wrapping a few odds and ends, watching the summer hit movie, The Hangover. Oh gosh. It was pretty hilarious.

The kids did pretty well and didn't come in until just about 6:00am. The pup had us up about 4:00 so it was a quick night.

6:00am. Before the shredding of paper commenced.

It has been really cold here since Wednesday night, like in the 20's, so Mark got a fire going right away to keep us warm.

Mason cannot contain his excitement over a Nerf gun. "My grammy rules"! Sidebar: Grammy is also responsible for the Wii and 2 babies that pee and poop!

Aren't these bath towels adorable? Madox loved that he was a monster and had 3 extra eyes!

Here's Madison's bath towel, in pink, of course.

Tillie displaying some loot from her stocking.

It was at this point in the morning that I opened my gift from Mark (yeah, in addition to the puppy) and found a new camera. A Canon Rebel XS. I started trying to figure it out and get it set up to use. So, Madison seeing my "discarded" Sony, decided to take over the photographic duties.

I had a heck of a time getting the video to load of her photography so it is above under the post titled "Madison's Photography". Sorry its out of order, but it was too funny not to include.

Also, be sure to note her attention to detail in the composition shots of "all of her gifts." Have I mentioned recently how much this child reminds me of myself?

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