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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Just About Died!

Mark comes in (from work where he claimed he was traveling to a customer's today) and covers my eyes and says he's got my Christmas present in the car. He takes me outside, around the car, to the passenger side, and there she is, just sitting there, all totally kicked back and relaxed in the seat.

We had been talking about being "foster parents" for some pups from someone Mark works with so I thought this was one of them. The idea was that the puppy stays with a family for a few days (over holidays) and then goes back to the shelter to await adoption.

It took me a couple of minutes to realize that this was not the temporary foster puppy I thought it was. It was a new permanent member of the family. The caveat here is that I was not particularly ready for another dog. The loss of Maiyo still pains me every day and there were certain things I liked about not having a dog. No one extra to feed or let out or worry about or clean up after.

Now I'll be back to wiping up poo and pee and night time waking and training. Training is a whole 'nother thing 'cause I do realize the importance of consistent obedience training, and actually enjoyed spending time doing that before having all these kids. Sidebar: kids to not necessarily respond to "good boy" and don't particularly perform tricks for treats (darn).

However, Marley is pretty darn cute and the kids really are excited about her, so I guess I will get over the surprise and grow to like her. I am sure in a few weeks I'll really love her.

Actually, Mason was so totally excited that when he saw her in the car he started crying and saying to Mark, "Thank you Daddy, Thank you Daddy." Mark was even getting a bit choked up watching the kids hold her and love on her.

I guess even if I wasn't sure I was ready, the kids are.


Jamie said...

Marley Merry has to be one of the cutest puppies on the face of the planet! How adorable!


kacole said...

My gosh, I could just eat her up! I love how excited Mason was, bless his little heart!

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