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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today I . . .

Dropped 2 kids off at school; one of which was crying giant sobs and calling for me as I left her at the end of the hallway with the teacher.

Dropped 1 kid off at preschool. Today was the first day the 'early bird' arrival was available so I could drop her off right after the drop off at the elementary school. She was a little nervous because it was a different teacher, different room and different routine. But she was so good and did not cry. I was so glad because I was still feeling sick about the other one crying.

Talked on the phone with the teacher about the crying situation - she has a plan! It consists of her taking away a "Mason visit" during the day if she cries. She will get to visit with him 3 times for not crying; and only 2 times if she cries.

Picked up a prescription and called Stampin Up about an order correction. I was tying to do both of these at the same time so both the pharmacist and Mary from Demonstrator Support were irritated with me.

Went to Wal-Mart for milk, jelly and ziplock sandwich bags. I must have needed other stuff once I got there because I spent $100, well almost. The Wal-Mart trip was particularly note-worthy because it's the first time I did not have to take Madox to the potty while I was there! I usually take to take him as soon as I get there - and even sometimes before I leave. But today, we made it through the whole morning drop-offs and the store without a potty break! yippee!

Put all the stuff away.

Unloaded the dishwasher.

Picked up 3,000 toys scattered all over the house - picture Little People people and parts, Dora house people and parts, 25 baby dolls with clothes, blankets and bottles and the entire tote of building blocks.

Looked at some new Stampin Up stuff my friend Mary dropped off last night. I got new ribbon, buttons and flowers, and the Chateau Bella rub-ons (love those). I want to try to make a bath salt jar for the teachers - hope I get that done.

Put water in the pool - and actually remembered to shut it off before it overflowed onto the patio!

Made lunch for me and the boy - peanut butter and "fluff"- yum.

Talked to my s-i-l about my nephew and his rough day at school.

Took a little bike ride. It wasn't very hot today so it was a nice ride through the neighborhood. There are so many new houses being built than the last time I rode through and 2 yards were getting sodded today. That is fun to watch. Mx almost fell asleep back there.

Put Mx down for a nap - 2 sweet hours of silence - nix that, the dog is going nuts because the UPS man is parked out front. Sometimes I wonder if the UPS man makes faces at him when we are gone; he sure hates that brown truck. I, of course, love it. Not a SU delivery today. Just Amazon - "Come On People" by Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint, MD. I'll have to set that aside for a while.

Folded a load of laundry

Put a load of laundry in the washer

Mopped playroom floor - eew, gross.

Glued Mason's badges on uniform for Boy Scouts meeting tonight. These need to be sewn on, but I am going to have to pay that one done.

Messed around with new square scallop punch - I've been waiting on it to complete the table assignment tents/party favors I am making for our nephew's wedding. Of course, I had to modify my original plan because something didn't fit. I will add a picture when I am finished.

Put clothes into dryer - crucial step in actually getting a task finished.

Woke up Mx to start afternoon pick-ups.

Picked up Tills; picked up other kids at elementary school - both had green days.

Unloaded, sorted and put away contents of 3 backpacks and lunch boxes. Worked on homework pages, practiced spelling words and read library book.

Took a phone call about someone wanting a Stampin Up catalog. Mx cried the whole time and I had to cut short the call - barely getting the gal's name and where to take the catalog.

Folded laundry from dryer.

Helped Mason with uniform and got him to neighbor's house to leave for scouts.
Made gourmet dinner of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and green beans; cleaned up dinner mess and loaded dishwasher.

Fed dog - actually helped 2 yo feed dog, then cleaned up dog food from floor.

Bathed kids; got in pajamas.

Put away laundry, including some that had been sitting on the counter for a few days. Set out clothes for next day.

Put a little boy to bed; put 2 little girls to bed; one of which had already fallen asleep on the floor and was none to happy to be moved; read a 5-minute devotional with Mason.

Read a chapter in Eat, Pray, Love. Scallop-punched some gray cardstock.

Took a shower at 9pm and went to bed.

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kacole said...

Oh good lord, I need to lie down after reading that.

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