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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher Night

Matilda wrestling with her bag of school supplies

With Mrs. Hargrove

Madison at her locker. . .seriously, a locker in 2nd grade? Give me a break! 

With Mrs. Cunningham

I guess is was absolute torture for Mason to pose for a photo here. He would barely look at the camera, let alone give me a decent smile! Ugh. Boys! 

I also did not get a photo with his teacher as I was too busy grilling her on her teaching experience (she is super-young) and lack of room decorations. Turns out she was just hired on Monday (as in 2 days ago) and this is only her 3rd year teaching. I plan on making something extra nice for her on Monday since I might have been a little "overbearing" at our first meeting. I actually ran into one of Mason's past teachers and she assured me the new "girl" was "great". 

1 comment:

kacole said...

Does Matilda have a black eye?

The first day of school makes me nervous and I don't even have anyone going to real school yet!

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