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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Marley update

The Marley girl is now about 4  1/2 months old. She finished an 8-week Beginner Obedience course at PetsMart which was not exactly getting the job done.  All we really did was feed her treats and relentlessly try to keep her from jumping on other people. A curse with a friendly dog? 

She is now enrolled at Sit Means Sit dog training and has had one lesson. More info about this company can be found here. I was very skeptical and hesitant in the beginning due to the "electronic collar", but have since come to view it differently. I won a giveaway at a local home show and to get the gift basket, I had to go to their facility for a demonstration. Marley is doing really well and is having another lesson tomorrow. 

P.S. The red thing is a "Gentle Leader" which helps her walk nicely without pulling me down the street and is essential when walking with 4 jumpy kids. 

1 comment:

Cara said...

LOL we have the gentle leader too!! Marley is a cutie. We've got Harley! Have fun!

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