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Friday, January 8, 2010

Felted Soap

I have been wanting to try making felted soap; you shrink 100% wool around some soap thereby making it a scrubbie and a bar of soap all at once. I have seen them before at the Homestead Crafts show around Waco and thought it would be a good option with the kids. They usually need a little more scrubbing than they do themselves with just sliding a bar of soap around their slippery bodies.

Well, lucky me, last month, there was an article in Family Fun Magazine showing how to do this. Here is one of the nicer bars we ended up with.

The kids really did make them almost all by themselves and they also really enjoyed using the scrubbies they had made. It was super easy.


Amy W said...

Great job! Wasn't it so much fun to make???

alegna79 said... I get what you were saying the other day. I am such a visual person...especially with crafty stuff. That is a GREAT idea!!!

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