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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Self Promotion

I was making up a batch of treat bags for some extra people at school and started thinking about how many different ways this Christmas season I have (shamelessly) promoted my own etsy shop.

I decided to count the ways.

1. These are little cello bags that I put some assorted candies into for some extra people at the school that are not the actual "teachers." I had made the gift tags last year but figured since they were handmade, I'd go ahead and use them. Well, since they are handmade, I went ahead and stamped "handmade" with my contact info on it. I felt bad about it for like a second but then realized that if I am not promoting my items, no one is. Anyway, someone would probably wonder if I made them, so including that info answers that question.

I think the tags are super cute anyway. And, I am giving one to the mail carrier (not someone you usually get to market to).  

2. I sold my mom a set of 12 ornaments to use as a centerpiece for the "Christmas Tea" fundraiser at her church. Take a peek - here. 

3. I made ornaments and cards for the childcare workers at our church. There are about 5 or 6 workers that provide childcare while the Mom's have a Bible/Book study. 

4. I made an ornament for the Secret Santa gift exchange from above Bible Study.

5. Gave both preschool teachers an ornament.

6. Gave 1st and 3rd grade teachers an ornament and Christmas Shopping Journal

7. Sent ornament to friend in Ohio.

8. Giving decorated treat jar to neighbor that I carpool with and as hostess gift for child's cookie decorating party.  

9. Giving decorated wall/word art to 2 great neighbors. 

10.  All of my personal family Christmas cards were stamped handmade and included shop contact information.  

Alright, I guess that pretty much completes my list. I guess that's a pretty good run from one season. 

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Wimzie Prints said...

Great job! I'd be interested to see how many sales result from all your promoting...:)

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