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Friday, August 14, 2009

Teacher Bribes

I have this crazy idea that if I give my kids' teachers a little treat on the first day of school, she will be extra nice to the kids. I didn't do this when Mason started 1st grade and you all KNOW how that ended up - just kidding. I started doing it last year - when Madison went to Kindergarten and Mason went to 2nd. Here is what they are getting next Monday, August 24.

Inside the pounch are 2 Ghirardelli chocolate squares.


JPell said...

So........Cute you are full of talent!!!! did you make the pouch or use a premade pouch? I don't know about your kids teachers but I love a good bribe!!! :)

angie w said...

Great idea - I might do the same (they just won't look as cute as your - but I'll try)!!

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