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Thursday, May 28, 2009


I attended Mason's award program this afternoon and ever since I have been thinking about how we were feeling exactly 1 year ago. As 1st grade was coming to a close, I was fearful that we would never recover from the damage of that year:
5 disciplinary referrals to principal or vice-principal
1 2-day suspension
1 in-school suspension
too many lunch or recess detentions to count
On May 6, 2008 his teacher said the following about him: "disruptive to the learning environment. . .slides around on his back under desks making car and airplane noises. . .quick to become angry. . .handles anger by kicking or shoving desks, chairs, furniture, walls and loudly shouting out. . .laughs hysterically at inappropriate things. . ."

She continued on for many paragraphs, but you get the idea.

This afternoon, Mason received the Tiger Trait Award for Honesty, The Terrific Tiger Award for his "dedication to improving (his) reading skills" and a Certificate of Accomplishment for Superior Performance on the Mathematics Benchmark.

His success this year would not have been possible without the amazing support and dedication of his teacher - Mrs. Ward.
She always saw the best in him and never thought he was simply a "troubled kid" that needed pushed through the school system. She carefully worked day by day to build his confidence and self-esteem, as he had little of either from the year before. She challenged him to always do his best but also comforted him when his performance fell short of his expectations. We will never forget this year as a turning point for him in so many ways - Thank You Mrs. Ward! You are the best.


kacole said...

YEA MASON!!!!! I think you should have a celebration tonight!

Misty V said...

Wow! Way to go, Mason! What an awesome year, and it brought tears of joy!

Angie W said...

What a great blessing! So glad he was blessed with a great teacher this year! Thanks for sharing - mason should be so proud of himself!

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