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Monday, August 13, 2012

Jump Rock

As we continue to spend almost every weekend on Lake Belton, we recently found a new hang out - JUMP ROCK. As in we jump from it. I was scared shtless, and took about 20 minutes to get the nerve to jump. Cam you guess who was the very first kid to ever jump? I'll tell you at the end of the post. Here is everyone in all their jumping glory. Sidebar: I was happy to figure out the setting on my camera to actually get photos of them in mid-air rather than just on the water splash.

Here's Mason


Here comes Madox


And my Matilda-Lou, trying for a canon ball

straightening out 

and splash 

And Madison takes a flying jump. 

way out over the water 

and in she goes 

Here's the whole gang. Marley even managed to pause just long enough for me to get her too. 

Are you still wondering who the first one to ever make the jump was? 


He just walked right up to the edge, looked over, and without even a second of hesitation, launched himself right over.

As soon as he surfaced, he said, "I LOVED IT!" Can I do it again. 

I almost had a nervous break down. 

Love that kid. 

He definitely does not get that adventurous spirit from me. I sat up there for 15 minutes before mustering the guts to jump. 

1 comment:

Angie w said...

I'd be nervous too! Looks like the everyone had fun !!

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