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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turtle Release at Port A

We've been going to Port A for quite a few weekend getaways and this past weekend we got to see 3 turtles released. There is some organization that rehabilitates them and then releases them back to the ocean. It was very cool.

Everyone gather in for the forced kid picture. It's getting harder to get them all in a decent picture. I thought it'd be easier when they were not babies or toddlers trying to crawl away. 

One of the rehabilitated turtles. 

This is a really big gal and she had some giant tumor removed from her underside. Surgery, on a turtle. Who knew? 

Here she goes, except it's the wrong way. We all had to part the crowd so she could go up into the dunes. They (the release people, turtle experts, I guess) thought she might need to lay eggs (geeze, they said she laid 104 at the rehab center!) but she was just toying with everyone. She went all the way up a dune and then tried to come right straight back down. 

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