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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Major Renovation Project #1: the play/craft/mud room

One "locker" with various shelves. We built this 7 years ago when we moved in. It's taken quite a beating and looks quite awful. 

The awful of which I speak. Rotted wood.

The shelves; and Marley's butt. She's always got herself up in what we're tryin' to do. 

A view looking out toward the door. On the far right is the "exercise area" where the treadmill lives. Note TV hanging on wall near ceiling. This will go away and I'll miss it dearly. Oh well. 

Again, Marley's backside

Did I mention some things were in need of repair? 

Here is the "DURING". All of the shelves were ripped out, and Mark is framing in actual walls for the new "mud room".  

Mark. He's a stud (the stud finder says so). 

The walls! 

Now with cubbies and a bench! 

Someone wandering into a picture. 

From the outside doorway. 

Now a whole new room. 

Better view of "room" concept

And the painting begins. It took may 25 coats to make this look nice. Luckily my man is handy with the spray gun. 

The back wall with it's lovely row of pegs! 

Bench and cubbies below the pegs.

The new light that was installed in this area; apparently not installed well as I found it in this position just the other day. Not good. I tried to fire the contractor, but I'm married to him. 


Woo hoo. Done. 

Love the wainscoting painted white. It was so dingy and written on with markers before. Kids! 

A place for everyone. 

A new rug under my desk area. All the cabinets got cleaned/scrubbed. You cannot even believe how grungy they were. 

Mark's workbench and safe. 

The exercise area. 

We (Mark) added base molding all around the room.  

So glad to be finally done. It took waaaay longer than we thought, but I love it. 

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Angie W said...

LOVE!!! Looks awesome! Love the "stud" pic!

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