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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lake pictures

She could not catch a break with this suit - permanent wedgie! 

Mason has entered the phase where he does not want his photo taken. 

She'll always give me a smile. 

See what happens when you don't cooperate? A photo of you sleeping gets posted to the blog! 

Now he's happy - took a nap and caught a fish! 

He's not complaining about posing now! 

Marley - relentlessly pursuing the tennis ball. They float so nice! 

Yesterday, we had a little break from the heat (only 99 instead of 103) provided by these beautiful clouds

We also had about 10 sprinkles of rain fall on us - right when we were eating! 


kacole said...

What did you do with Madox?

Looks like fun!

ejorpin said...

Those clouds are stunning! Looks like a lovely day in the sun :)

ps. My step-son refuses to have his photo taken too. All our holiday snaps are of the back of his head!

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