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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pre-K Graduation

These next 2 weeks before school officially ends marks the busiest time in a mom's year: attending graduations, teas and award programs, not to mention field trips and conferences.

So without further ado, I present the first "end of the year program" in what is sure to be a long series of many. Madox's pre-k graduation and program.

There were 3 songs to be sung. 

One song was about 5 monkeys that were teasing a crocodile so they all got eaten. 

And then there was something abut rainbows, but I couldn't understand the words. 

Then it was time to graduate. Madox, with his attention span of a gnat, was starting to bore at this point. 

Here he is receiving his rolled up piece of paper that represents a diploma. Great picture too of Donna, his teacher. Oh well. 

And, as is mandatory at all of these events, here is the forced family shot. 

If these were the 2 best ones, you can only guess what the others looked like. Did I happen to mention that the only way I got them to sit still long enough for these shots was to threaten no cookies and punch (standard refreshments at these shindigs, but kids never tire of 'em!) 

Coming next week: Swimming party field trip, 2nd grade awards, 4th grade author's tea and kindergarten graduation. Check back for more exciting shots of the backs of strangers' heads! woo! 

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