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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pop's House

A few of you may know that we are in the process of renovating a house on 47 acres near where we currently live, with the idea being that my parents (my dad mostly) will be "Winter Texans." Yeah! I just uploaded 2 photo albums to facebook so you can visit there to see the whole thing from the very beginning (warning: it  ain't pretty - and it's just now approaching "livable"), but here is a quick update of what we've finished within the last few weeks. Facebook photos

I will try to comment so you can follow along. 
Outside view on front door
This is the "front door" of the original house, (taken from inside) which was basically on the back of the house and made the whole thing feel totally wonky. This is now going to the the back. And the next shot is the new back door from the inside. 

The new front door.  The dining room was here on the original house but we replaced a big window with a new front door and have a big covered porch now too.  

The original house, "breezeway". 

 New inside standing in kitchen, looking into family room, with sunroom in far right distance.

Inside new sunroom 
 Original sunroom. Inside (which I don't even think I was brave enough to photograph except from a way distance), there was a 3-sided elevated hydroponic growing area. We're not sure what they grew in there. People say she was a real horticulturist! 

Original family room, with sunroom in far back (we'd already ripped out the "growing area".)

 Looking into family room from sunroom.

New front face of house. There are 2 windows that still need installed. 

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