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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Major Catch Up - Worst Birthday Ever

I'm only about 3 weeks late posting about the terrible 6th birthday Matilda had, but here it goes. Above, is the iPhone picture I took of her in her Kindergarten classroom, with her majorly pink frosted cupcakes. 

Fast forward 1 hour: "This is the school nurse. Matilda threw up." 

I was actually at the dentist with Madison, so Mark had to retrieve our ill birthday girl from school.  And, no, she hadn't even eaten the cupcakes yet. 

She retired to the couch for a few hours but managed to pull herself together long enough to open some gifts. 


This twirly tutu is an obvious favorite. 

Then, later, as she was running on the patio in her her fancy high heels (see tutu shots), she crashed and scraped her side all up. 
One of her gifts was a new bike, complete with a Barbie bike holder for the Barbie doll to ride in. Even the pedals are purple and flower shaped (I admit that I am a bit jealous)

Here is the group shot - some are happier about posing than others! 

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