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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lots of random things

I am finally synching my phone - I am so bad about it - and there were quite a few photos on it that I thought would be fun to share!
This was from around the middle of August or so. Matilda was unfortunately on the receiving end of 2 different mis-thrown rocks at the lake. We were afraid she'd have to start school with a black eye, but luckily it was healed up.

Madox put his own shorts on. 

Got a smiley face on the first day of school

Don't you just love the colors and pattern on this dress? If I can find one of the girls' sizes, I'll get it in a few weeks with my Gymbucks! 

Madox got new shoes for school too. He is so proud of these Spider man shoes. Yuck. I'm not particularly a fan of "licensed characters" on anything. 

We hit a "moving sale" in our neighborhood over Labor Day weekend. Here's what we came away with. A new tool box for Mark (it took him 2 whole days to "organize" it)

LG washer and dryer pair
Freezer and fridge set 

5 burner stove/oven (dual fuel)

And lastly, here is just one of perhaps 50 pictures of the dog the kids took with my phone. 

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