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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's 103 degrees, of course we're on the lake

My 2 favorite girls in the whole wide world. They are so different- salt and pepper, chocolate and vanilla, angel food cake and devil's food cake? Nah, they are both angels (most of the time) 

Brother didn't want to miss out on any photo ops. 

While the others were posing, Mason was practicing his kneeboarding skills. Unfortunately, he has my coordination and balance, which means he'll need lots of practice! 

The "waterfall" (aka Temple's waste water treatment plant discharge). Everyone loves to climb it. 

My main squeeze for the last 20-something years! 

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kacole said...

My mom has always said that my sister and I don't even look like friends, much less sisters! I think the same could be said about your girls! I love all of Matilda's poses!

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