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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kids Gifts

So just the other day, my DH (aka Mark) told me that my blog was looking a little too much little too much like my etsy shop and that it was "all business". Basically, creating and filling orders for etsy has been consuming my every waking moment, but I have taken his criticism, err his comment in stride and so here is a healthy dose for the few of you (mom) that visit my blog and want to see kid pictures.

Yesterday was super hot and Mason decided to have a lemonade stand. He tends to get on these "kicks" where he wants to buy something (expensive) and will do odd jobs and extra chores to earn it. (At the beginning of summer he was going to start a lawn mowing business with a neighborhood boy, but that quickly fizzled once the other boy's parents said he was too young).

Here they are getting the lemonade stand ready for business. 

Of course, he had his "team" of helpers (he made them buy their own lemonades). 

However, after a few customers, they all got bored and decided to start catching tadpoles in the ditch near the lemonade stand table. 

In the cup, not lemonade, but tadpoles. . .from the ditch. 

Close up of the tadpole

Madison is a bit sad and protesting the removal of the tadpole from his "family". She wants to return them all to the ditch. 

Everyone onlooking the tadpole collection (at the lemonade stand). . .eew!

The tadpole Madison insists wants to go back to his mommy and daddy. 

Yet, into the bowl he/she goes. 

Matilda just posing. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous face? 
(Love the lemon just sitting there. . .was a cute decoration, but now that we are collecting tadpoles, seems a bit laughable) 

Of course, Marley is never too far away when the kids are causing mischief. Did I mention how hot is was?  


kacole said...

Those last two photos, one of Madison and one of Matilda, are really great!

Laser Pegs said...

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