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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madox is a Big Boy now - so he says

After literally months of Madox asking when he was gonna be a "big boy," he celebrated turning 4 today. Some highlights. . .

The theme was Elmo

Before we left for party, icing and black berries on the face 

Trying to blow out the candles; there was quite a draft in there so the candles kept blowing out before he could do it himself. 

Hanging from the uneven bars

Post party back at home with all his loot! 

Finally, a 2 wheeler! 


Suzann Soliz said...

did you make all those elmo cupcakes? looks like a great day!
I can't believe he is 4! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

alegna79 said...

What a fun party! The cupcakes were adorable! Thanks for inviting us!

Cream City Crafts said...

I have one just about this age. Adorable cupcakes! I found your blog through the etsycards blog, and your tagline had me laughing before I'd even read another word.

Consider yourself "followed."

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