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Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter festivities

The kids were lucky enough to get a quick (cold) swim in on Easter. It wasn't really warm, but if you know them, they didn't care. Even Madison, who is like me and doesn't go in too much, went in for a little dip.

Mason's all time favorite, Canonball

He has become such a reluctant picture taker lately. Any picture I get of him is pretty much forced. 

Madison already out and shivering, tightly grasping her Easter basket.

This girl here has absolutely no internal temperature control. She goes barefoot when its 40 and never wears a coat without being threatened first. 

He is practically standing on the steps, but prefers to climb out the side, the hard way. 

'Course there was no keeping her out of the pool. She did not try to retrieve the kids either, which is good. A friend of mine has a lab that actually tries to grab the kids in the pool by the hair to "retrieve" them. Not such a good thing when the dog is 65 pounds! 

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