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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Craft Fair Set Up

Next Saturday, April 24, I am participating in my first craft fair as a vendor. I have been stressing and worrying about it for the last 2 months. Well, today, I finally got all of my stuff together and did a mock set up; a "dry run", if you will. I measured off my work table and set everything out just as I hope to for the actual event. Mark helped (of course) make some of the displays - my fave being the dowel rods and clothes pin card holders (in the clay pots).

Let me know what you think; please leave a comment with suggestions for improvements. I hope to hear from those of you that have done these kinds of events before. Thanks.

This is a wire "tree" and I just squeezed the cards into the holders. Got it at Hobby Lobby for half off. 

Easel on the right holding scrapbook pages. New "LOVE" paper mache home decor. 

This is a pretty awful shot because of all of my stuff in the background, but I am including it to show the height, especially in the back. 

Looking to the left. 

Looking to the right. 


Suzann Soliz said...

looks like you are ready- and possibly over prepared.
just remember that the people want what the people want and sometimes it is not what we have created! lol!
anyway- it will be a great experience and i bet you will sell lots!

Cara said...

Looking good! Best of luck!

Debra said...

Looks great...and I think you did a wonderful (smart) thing by setting everything up at home like it will appear at the craft fair. Many people don't do that and their tables are confusing. Your table is very colorful and eye appealing...perfect for a craft fair. Now...relax and have fun at the fair.

(Conroe, TX)

My Blog: Creative Heart Designs

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Good luck! Love the different heights to your display. I hope you do well!

Angie W said...

Good Luck - I hope you have fun too!

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