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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Family Hike

We went out to look at some property on Saturday; and by look at, I mean, walk and bushwack! Mark got a lead on some 47.5 acres that might be available real close to where we already live so we decided to check it out. 

HUGE tree! I can say that I have never seen a tree this big in Texas. 

Of course, Marley joined our activities and she somehow managed to get a stick stuck through the ring of the loop that her bell is attached to. It wasn't through the ring on the collar, but through the small ring that attached her bell to her collar. {We put a bell on her so we always know where she is and can find her. Whenever she is awake and/or moving, someone basically needs to be watching her like a hawk}

A sign of a good time - wet dog. 

Mason and Madison at the very far corner of the property; and just about 5 minutes before everyone got tired of "hiking in the woods."  

Another giant tree. Girls posed in front for perspective.  

Everyone all together, and with walking sticks. Madox carried a bag with a day-old cinnamon roll in it almost the entire time. 

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