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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Today I am 2 score

Many of you know I am having an "issue" with my current age. Actually, one year ago today, I blogged about this very thing and I can tell you it's not much easier to accept today than it was 365 days ago. Anyway, I was trying to think of a clever way to say it - and so I am now officially 2 score. You will also see on my cake pictures that I have 2 candles. Wouldn't Abraham Lincoln be so proud. . .

In honor of my $0th birthday, we decided to go shopping in Round Rock. I have documented the day's activities.

How I started the day. A feeble attempt to offset the fudge cake with cream cheese icing Mark made.

Loading up the car. We (of course) took Marley. This is her crate/home.

Is is any surprise that this was our first stop on our day of shopping?
Seriously, I have been in a Petsmart at least 4 times in the last week!

Here's where she stayed while we went in a few more stores.

Crafts! Yeah! Major good deals in here. Cricut cartridges were all $39.99, but I passed on getting any new ones.

Love. Love. Love this store. We did feel really out of sorts in here because we have not been in the market for hiking, backpacking or camping gear in a really long time and things have really changed since we "backpackers."

The outside of the store is really beautiful.

A super-yum restaurant we just recently tried and wanted to go back to today. It was absolutely hysterical watching the kids use the chop-sticks.

Everyone crowding the door to get in.

I was so impressed with him - rice and chicken with chop-sticks.

Just rice for Tills.

Madison getting a little help (as in a swipe) from Mason (on the right).

Mason waiting on his meal to be served.

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