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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marley "Mayhem"

We have started calling her by a new middle name - instead of Merry (for Christmas) - it's Mayhem. She's actually doing really well, as far as puppies go.

She went to the Vet yesterday and weighed 16.8 pounds, up from 10 something when she was just over 6 weeks old. She is now 10 weeks.

Have you ever seen a cuter face?

We were thinking she is looking less "puppy-ish". Her face has filled out some.

Madison still loves to carry her around like a baby.

Which Marley uses as a perfect opportunity to eat her face. This is the mouthiest puppy I have ever seen. I am constantly taking one thing (slipper, shoe, brush, pencil, babies, leaves. . .you get the picture) out of her mouth and replacing it with an actual DOG toy. Good thing she's not particular!

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