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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Etsy Greetings Team

Feature on Etsy Greetings Team Blog


A Bit about Me.

My name is Tricia Richner and my shop is It's not the most creative shop name, but I was already quite the etsy buyer under that name, so I just went with it.

How I got started in this craft -
I've been a scrapbooker and card maker for like 10 years or so. It was totally just a hobby. I came up with this style of card because I was trying to use up some coordinating papers that I had around and then ended up really liking it. I now refer to it as my "signature style" (sounds fancy, huh?). I keep the same basic design but change up patterns, colors and embellishments for different occasions.

Then, I started giving card sets as gifts and people really really liked them. I also went to a bridal shower over this pat summer and gave the bride some personalized note cards which everyone "oohed" and "aahed" over. One of the other guests came over to me afterwards and asked me to make her a set and she'd pay me. I refused her at first because I really just liked doing them for friends, but she relented and I did a set for her and she convinced me to really pursue it. That's when I went from being an etsy buyer to an etsy seller!

Favorite item in store - 
Right now, I am loving the Christmas cards and the Mommy Journal. I am particularly fond of the Mommy Journal because it was totally my own idea. I have 4 kids and years ago made little journals to write down the funny things they say and do. I've talked to other people about it and some friends have seen mine and they thought it was so cute. When I found these little spiral bound notebooks, I knew they would make perfect Mommy Journals.

My kids (and the hysterical things they say and do on a daily basis) were the inspiration for the Mommy Journals I talked about above. Mostly, I just love pretty papers and coordinating accessories and once I find something that "goes together", I put it into a monogrammed note card!

Other things I like to do -
I love doing things with my family and we especially love summer because we go boating, swimming, fishing and camping. I also try to find some time to exercise a few times a week and also love to go on weekend scrapbook retreats with some of my best friends.

Advice to other etsians -
I feel like I am still just starting out on etsy so I can't really give much advice there. I guess the best thing I have done is meet new people on the teams and learn from them. My greetings team has helped me immensely - from photos to pricing to descriptions, I have gotten great information from my teammates there.

Other interesting things about me -
I've been a vegetarian for a really long time, new Mac user and loving it and my husband delivered one of our babies on the kitchen floor (we couldn't make it any closer to the hospital).

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