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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Crazy Coupon Lady

I saw one of the new moms from the Mom's Club of Belton the other day at Target. I ran like a mad woman across the store to say hello to her. She was new to the meeting just last week and in addition is new to this area so I especially wanted to make her feel welcome.

We happened to be standing by a display of cookies which were on sale for $2 each, but if you bought 2 packs, you got the third free. OK, good deal. Into my cart they go. Then went on to talk about these other coupons she had - some kind of "peelie" that comes off and you redeem it at checkout.  Hm. No peelies on these cookies. . .she was going to look at the other section of the store - since these cookies were on the end cap, maybe someone peeled them all off already.

Off we went on our separate ways.

A few minutes later, we met up in the dry foods section - buy 2 macaroni and cheeses and get a bar-be-que sauce for free. In my cart went some Mac & Cheese and a free Kraft BBQ sauce. I am all for a good deal.

Then she shows me these Glade candle air freshener things - buy so many, get so many free, plus she had a coupon and if you buy 2, you get a $5 Target card. Now, I was starting to get a headache.

Then she whips this out of her cart.

Now, I am all for being organized, but this literally blew my mind. She talked about how easy it is to keep organized and how she plans her shopping around sales and coupons; comes with a list and gets only what's on the list. 

Apparently there are whole blogs and websites devoted exclusively to mega-coupon usage where people post links and other little known deals to be had. 

A Full Cup and Swaggrabber are the 2 sites she visits regularly. 

Here is the final result of her purchases.   

Once she handed over her (25, maybe) coupons and got her 2 $5 Target Gift Cards, her total due was $28. Not bad at all.  She is going to put together a little presentation for one of our upcoming Mom's Club Meetings. I'll keep you posted. And, no, I am not going out to get myself a binder

1 comment:

kacole said...

My sister used to do this. It gives me a headache... too much to keep up with!

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