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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some Old Movies

So I posted a few days ago that I got a new computer. Some aspects of that "situation" are not going that well - Geek Squad is coming on Tuesday - but one positive aspect of moving all of these pictures around from my laptop to the new computer is that I am finding all sorts of little gems of picures and even a few movies!

I am going to put 2 here - one of Madison at about age 3 singing "Jingle Bells". If you recall, Madison was a pretty late talker, so her version of this song is pretty sad, but oh my goodness, she is precious. The other is some picture montage Mark made. I hadn't even remembered him making it, but again PRECIOUS! I cannot bellieve how big my babies are.

1 comment:

Shellie said...

Cant go wrong with a good Journey classic!! That was really cute. And I recall getting that Jingle Bells video from you like...idk, maybe 6 mos ago? or last year? NO WAY has it been YEARS....ugh! gosh, dont blink! They'll be going to prom!

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