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Monday, June 15, 2009

Boy Scout Camp

Last Wednesday through Friday, we all went to Boy Scout Camp. There were activities all day for all scout ranks and also child care provided for the little ones, if you volunteered to work. I worked all 3 days while the little kids played in the "tot lot." Mason worked hard and earned many requirements towards his Bear badge. I didn't take any pictures until Saturday, during "Family Day" where everyone goes with his own family to show what he's done and learned that week. One of the neat things was the retiring of the flags. It was a big ceremony, with POW/MIA flags, Texas and US flags all being retired by the scouts.

This is Mason dropping the flag into the fire and then the rest of the boys saluting as it burns.

Here's me taking a horse ride, during the Family Day activities. I went first on the horse and then each child took a ride with me. No one would go alone; but this is the only picture Mark took.

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