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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Big Sisters for Hire

Yesterday after school we went to the Splash Park on Adams behind the fire station. School was out a little early so we had some time to kill. We met a lady there that had TRIPLETS - 2 girls that are identical and a boy (what are the odds of that - she said she was not on fertility treatments). She also had 2 older boys. Talk about having HER hands full! I didn't say it, but I thought it!

Madison would not leave the babies alone. Here she is "helping" them play. Neither of the babies were having much fun and in fact were crying almost the whole time but Madison did not care. She was right in there like a big sister. Lucklily, the mom didn't mind Madison's help.

When we were leaving and walking out to the parking lot, I said to her "In a coupla years you can be a babysitter for those babies." She said "No mama, I wanna be the mommie to babies like that!" Oh heavens.

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