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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Short Update

I havn't blogged in a while. It's hard to feel motivated when you aren't sure if anyone is reading it - so a comment once in a would be nice!

Anyway, Madox had testing this morning at our school district to see if he qualifies to receive speech therapy at the school after he turns 3. He currently receives Speech Therapy from Miss Jeanette who comes to the house every week through a state program, called ECI, Early Childhood Intevention. ECI's services end at age 3, and you're transferred to the school district, if a need still exists.

I am happy to report Madox is not eligible for any more therapy! Yeah. He is still a little behind in language development, but not so much that I have to take him to the school every week for the next year.

The tester thought he was wildly entertaining and pretty well on target, considering he is the youngest of 4, with 2 older sisters (mini-mothers) that take care of him.


kacole said...

Yea Madox!! He is pretty "wildly" entertaining!

Misty V said...

enjoyed reading your blog. send my instructions on the tablecloth you made!

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