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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My daughter is just like me

Mark has been out of town and so I am trying to run a pretty tight ship. Mason and Madison are going to a church activity with neighbors and won't get home until after 8:00, which means straight to bed. Anticipating a bedtime/evening crunch, I sent Madison to the kitchen to get started making lunches for the next day. I got distracted by a crying boy and stopped along the way to the kitchen to see what the problem was. Anyway, when I got to the kitchen, the below is a picture of what I found. She had "cut" herself a brownie for her lunch and put it in this tiny bowl - with a lid! I could not stop smiling. These were basically crumbs of brownie, but she packed it into her lunch with such confidence, and so neatly. I am still smiling thinking about that little bowl of brownie bits.

1 comment:

kacole said...

So which part is like you... making sure she had brownie for lunch 'cause she a chocoholic or that she is a neat-nik and had to have it in a little bowl with a lid. It could go either way!

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