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Monday, October 6, 2008

Gatti's Pizza

On Monday nights, Gatti's Pizza has a "Mom's Eat Free" special. I have taken the kids there a few times over the summer and it's usually been something approaching a disaster. I was thinking about it tonight and came to realize that the reason they can offer a mom eating free deal is because the mom's do not actually get to eat anything! I am totally counting it as my exercise for the day, the 500 times I got up, went to the buffet, came and sat back down, only to get up 2.5 seconds later to go to the buffett again. Besides actually getting salad and pizza, etc off the buffet, I had to get silverware, napkins and drinks too.

Anyway, there was this old couple right beside us (they were probably horrified that we sat next to them - you know, holding their breath as we all filed in, silently praying "not there, not there, please do not sit there") that could not seem to keep their eyes off us us. OK, I did somewhat resemble a jack-in-the-box with my up and down every 3 seconds and the sideline coaching of the older kids getting their plates might have seemed a bit odd; but it was starting to get creepy. Also, this is usually about the time where the always lovely "you've got your hands full" comment comes in. My favorite.

However, these words did not pass either one of their lips! The lady of the pair said - and I quote in exact detail because I nearly fell right on the floor (next to the buffet) - "You're kids are so well behaved. I don't know how you do it." Seriously, I had to take a minute to look around and confirm she was indeed speaking to ME! And, yes, she was!

I said "Thank you" and after they left told the kids what she said and gave everyone a round of high-fives! Now to the average observer, this might seem like quite alot of work to avoid having to make dinner at home. To this I would say, you have never seen my kitchen after I have prepared a meal. Let's just say I'm messy.

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