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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some random thoughts about my title

Basically, I really hate it when people say this to me. And, unfortunately, people say it alot to me. I wonder if I really look like I am losing it most of the time so people feel compelled to point it out that I have my hands full. I see it as not particularly complementary, and I think therein lies my problem with the comment.

The whole "hand full" comment began right about the time Matilda was born, since Madison was only 16 months old when Tills arrived. At that time Mason was - excuse me while I try to do some math inside my own head - 4 1/2 - yeah, seems right. So, anyway, people starting noticing me (us) and would say "you've got your hands full." I never knew what to say to it - are you supposed to have a response when someone is insulting you? Then, as if my hands weren't full enough - ha! - Madox arrives. At his birth, Matilda was 17 months, Madison was 3 months from being 3 years old and Mason was almost 6. Yeah. Wow. It's boggling my mind to think it now.

For a while I tried to think of something clever to reply to people to let them know that I didn't really appreciate their observations - something along the lines of not having idle hands to get in trouble, or how blessed I was to have hands so full of such sweeties, but nothing ever rolled off my toungue as I wanted it to. I found myself almost apologizing and explaining that I do know how babies are made and that while it wasn't all intentional, I was pretty happy with the outcome.

All this brings me to the lady at Chick-fil-A this evening who looked at my table filled with waffle fries and chicken nuggets and said: "You've got your hands full." I still don't like the comment and still don't have anything witty or brilliant to reply, but it does give me something to think about.

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