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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halfway through our visit

Today is Wednesday the 24, so we are about halfway through our Ohio visit trip. Yeah. The kids really did awesome on the ride up here. It was really long, something like 25 hours total, but they were cooperative and patient for most of it.

We've been pretty busy since we got here: Mark went out to the bachelor party (the wedding being the reason we are in Ohio) as soon as we got in on Saturday night (like 9:30pm); Sunday we had a cookout at a park and met the bride-to-be of our nephew. She was really nice and we liked her - phew! We were a bit worried! Monday, Mark and Mason went fishing with the nephews and I stayed at my mom's with the kids; later that night, I went to meet my BFF Shellie for dinner. Tuesday, we loaded the car again and headed for Pennsylvania to visit my 79-y.o. gram. She was pretty happy to see the kids, and they were entertaining as usual. Today, we drove back from PA and Mark took the kids over to spend the night at his sisters. I am alone here in a quiet house with nothing to do! How weird is that?


kacole said...

We missed you this morning at Bible study! Hope you are having a great time!

Shellie said...

Hey!! Glad I could make my debut onto your blog as the BFF!!! I feel so honored and privileged! Just wait til next year when you add our pics from our "Old Lady Trip" for the big 4-0!!!

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